Upon deciding to bring our business into the Caldwell community, one of the first choices we made was to join the Caldwell Chamber of Commerce. From the first, they were incredibly supportive and full of opportunities to help our business grow.


“After only being a member for eight months, it is amazing to walk into a Chamber event and see the connections that we have made. We now have our life insurance agent, our orthodontist, the publisher of the local business directory who uses our photographs, our make-up artist, our social media marketing manager, the editor of the local paper who we have advertised with, our bookkeeper, numerous clients that we have done sessions for, and the list goes on. More importantly, we have countless friends that we have made because of the Chamber — relationships that we truly value.

I believe that we will only continue to grow through the opportunities that the Chamber has provided for us and we encourage anyone who is considering joining to become involved. You only get out of your membership what you put into it. It is a truly worthwhile experience. Many thanks to the Caldwell Chamber of Commerce and it’s members for their continued support of Dreamhigh Photography.”


“The Caldwell Chamber has given me an opportunity to find ways to participate in community events while at the same time build strong relationships with others to share with them our mission here at Home Helpers Home Care.”


“My business has tripled since I joined the Caldwell Chamber of Commerce in 2012.

At first I attended every committee meeting to see where a balloon artist would fit. The Agricultural Committee hired me to make balloon creations for 11 tables for their Legislative Tour Dinner in 2014. I was invited to go on the tour and met many wonderful, motivated, personable legislators. Some have become my favorite people.

I made balloon creations as a gift to most of the committee meetings I attended. It helped me to see where I fit

I make two balloon creations for each Chamber luncheon to be used as drawing prizes and Theresa displays them on the front podium which gets my business in front of 100 + other businesses.

In December of 2013 I became a columnist for 2 high-quality newspapers presenting a business as a public service announcement. In 2014 Boise Magazine did an article on this unusual way of promoting a business with ‘under the radar’ advertising.

In 2015 I went into the Small Business Administration’s SCORE program. Andrew Chorlton, Director of Boise’s SCORE program said, ‘You’re much more than a balloon artist. You’re a Media Agent.’ Now I’m learning how to take a small business with one or two employees and increase their business by $20,000 a year. I’m starting with Scott McCormick, an Ambassador with the Chamber and owner of ‘Janitors for Hire’ and landed him a job with Gary Weaver, another Ambassador and owner of Weaver Insurance.

The Caldwell Chamber has become an ‘all-you-can-eat buffet’ for me. I am developing services I wouldn’t have thought of without the Chamber. I think attending committee meetings, attending Chamber luncheons, become an Ambassador, introducing yourself to everyone, and looking for ‘lost’ new people at luncheons makes me and my business visible in a way that would never have happened without the Caldwell Chamber.”

Loni Trude, Balloon Artist/Media Agent


“Working as a consultant to small businesses, I have stopped by many Chambers across Idaho and the Caldwell Chamber of Commerce is the best. They genuinely care about their members. The Chamber has a passion to build community leaders and create events that truly help businesses grow and thrive.”

Keith Evans, Marketing Guy