Noonbreak Luncheon

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Luncheon reservations are $15 for members $20 for non-members.

Late reservations or walk-ins are $20.

There is also a no food/no drink option for $7.50. This is for a seat only without any drinks or food. This option is only available if reservation is made before the deadline.  

Reservations must always be made or cancelled by the 12pm deadline the Friday prior to the luncheon.    

Reservations not cancelled or paid will still be owed and applied to the member account.  

Accounts must be current in order to attend the future ones. 

Free tickets must be collected at the door or payment is required for attendance. 

Free tickets not collected at the door due to no-show will be invoiced the dollar amount of the luncheon until the coupon is collected.    

Free tickets only have a $15 value. If used on a late reservation or walk-in or luncheon more than $15, the additional balance MUST BE PAID in order to be admitted to the Luncheon.

Reservations and payments may be completed online or by contacting us.