Leadership Caldwell 2019-2020 Information


A representative group of 18-20 candidates are selected from all segments of government, education, labor, business, professional and geographic areas within the Caldwell Community. Because leaders spring from all sectors of the community, Leadership Caldwell seeks to bring together a broad cross-section of participants who represent diverse backgrounds and lifestyles. 
Candidates for the program must demonstrate a commitment to the future of Caldwell, accomplishment within your own organization, involvement in community activities, a capacity for leadership and a willingness to commit the time and energy required to participate in the Leadership Caldwell program. 
Leadership Caldwell is a program of the Chamber and is underwritten by the Chamber, in-kind donations and tuition. Curriculum and other program specifics are overseen by the Leadership Caldwell Committee. 


Each year business, public and private agencies, civic organizations and clubs are asked to identify candidates for the program. Individuals with no sponsoring groups may be self nominated. A written application and personal interview with the selection committee are required. Candidacy is open to all regardless of age, creed, race or philosophy, who seek to contribute their skills, knowledge and expertise to the betterment of the Caldwell Community.
Participants are selected based on the criteria established by the committee of Leadership Caldwell.


Tuition for Leadership Caldwell is ($650). Tuition covers all program costs, meals an materials. Tuitions may be paid by the candidates employer, a sponsor or the candidate. Full tuition is due no later than August 1st. No tuition refunds will be made after the class member has participated in the open orientation. Do no send tuition with your application. For more information contact the Caldwell Chamber of Commerce. 

Leadership Caldwell Public Safety Day
March 12, 2020
Tentative Agenda

Presenting Sponsor: Best Bath Intelligent Designs

Co Sponsor: Saint Alphonsus

Lunch Sponsor: First Interstate Bank 

7:45am: Caldwell Chamber of Commerce and hop on the bus

8:00-10:30am: Canyon Couny Courthouse, Sheriff Donahue and tour of jail

10:45am-1:00pm: City of Caldwell, Fire Department, Fire Marshall Andy Cater

12:00-1:00pm: Lunch at the Fire Station, 7th & Blaine St., Caldwell

1:15-4:30pm: City of Caldwell Police Department, Chief Frank Wyant and SWAT Team

5:00pm: Caldwell Chamber of Commerce

Leadership Caldwell HealthCare Day
April 23, 2020
Tentative Agenda

Presenting Sponsor: Best Bath Intelligent Designs

Co Sponsor: Saint Alphonsus, Nampa Health Foundation

Lunch Sponsor: First Interstate Bank

8:15-9:15am: St. Luke’s Pediatric Clinic, 1620 S. Kimball, Caldwell. 

9:45am-1:00pm: Saint Alphonsus, 4300 East Flamingo Avenue, Nampa. Our main hospital, come in front doors and up to the second floor. Just climb the stairs and head to the HR area. The conference room will be Birch and is located right by HR.

1:30-3:00pm: West Valley Medical Center, 1717 Arlington, Caldwell. 

3:15-3:45pm: Southwest District Health

4:00-4:45pm: 3rd District Guardian