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The Agri-Business Committee educates and sponsors activities at the Canyon County Fair, selects the Farm Family of the Year recipient, hosts Media and Legislative tours every 3 and 6 years, provides crop signs and promotes and provides discussion of other agriculture issues.

Paul Nelson, Committee Chair

Paul has over 28 years of banking experience with Wells Fargo Bank He has worked in Coeur D’Alene, Moscow, Grangeville/Cottonwood, Boise, and the Nampa area for the last 15 years.
* Specializing in commercial lending for agriculture and commercial & industrial.
* Graduated from Meridian High School, and from the University of Idaho with degrees in Marketing and Human Resource Management.

Community and Professional Involvements:
• Ag Committee Member – Nampa/Caldwell Chamber of Commerce
• Current Chair of the Idaho Ag. Banker’s Association, former Vice Chair and committee member.
• Over the years have been involved in various activities: Festival of Trees, Lions club and various chamber events.

Caldwell Chamber of Commerce 2020 Legislative Agenda

 2019 Agri-Business Scholarship

Report from our Agri-Business  Committee regarding land use and land use planning

Land Use and Land Use Planning is a topic that is of concern for not only Canyon County residents but all of Idaho and the U.S.  The projected population of the world has been estimated to be at least nine (9) billion by 2050.  Some estimates have indicated that we might reach that number prior to 2050.  With the amount of land that is available in the world to produce food being finite, it becomes necessary to ensure that land remain in production to feed the increasing population.  The United States is blessed to have an abundance of land that can be used for food production.  We here in Canyon County are extremely fortunate to have prime agricultural land that is suited for production of crops that cannot be produced elsewhere due to disease, insect problems, or lack of irrigation water.  The climate here, being a high desert, is very conducive for the production of a large number of seed crops.  These crops produce the seed that is shipped to every continent except for Antarctica.

Realizing that growth is going to happen, planning for that growth is extremely important.  Compounding the problem of growth and planning for it is the issue of private property rights.  No one can nor should argue that private property rights should not be protected.  So, the question then is: how does one plan for growth not knowing what impact private property rights might come to play in the planning process? 

Food and fiber production from agriculture is necessary if the U.S. is to remain its ability to produce sufficient quantity and quality for its population.  A country that has to rely on out of country sources for its food and fiber is at the mercy of those sources.  The U.S. has seen the results of such a situation with oil and suffered the consequences.  With this in mind it is important that all citizens become aware of and participate in the decisions involving land use and land use planning.

Article written by Darrell Bolz